organizational behavior questions 6

Hey guys I really need well written responses to these questions. I have so many classes that I am taking and need major help. The answers do not have to be very long either. Just please address all the points.

1.Discuss in brief the milestone legal cases that shaped the work environment from the

earlier days of the Industrial revolution into the Civil Rights Era. What was the relevance

of the liberty of contract doctrine, and how did it change over the years?

2.Define four of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions. Give one example of how expectations in

a work environment may be different based on culture. Elaborate on how you can

manage yourself and others based on the cultural differences’ framework.

3.Explain the idea of surface-level and deep-level diversity and how it can be used

effectively in the workplace. Explain cultural assimilation- benefits and disadvantages?

4.Define four different intelligences. Give an example of how each one can be an (a) asset

in the workplace and (b) how it can be developed further by the employee.

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