le 3 hcm 6005 operations in health care management


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Below you will find a series of educational videos to support the principles of Operational Metrics in Health Care Organizations. In addition, we will explore the concepts of Productivity and Performance Management- from the perspective of an Orthopedic C


Best Practice Tips for Creating Key Performance Indicators 10min


Population Health Management: Using Quality Metrics to Drive Improved Patient Outcomes 58.13 min


Orthopaedics and Sport Medicine – Do Quality Metrics Increase Costs and Undermine Performance? 50min

The discussions are an opportunity for you to engage with your professor and fellow student colleagues. After having read Chapters 5 and 6 this week, please answer the following:

Pretend you are managing an Urgent Care Center. Define, in your own words, De-Bottlenecking, and discuss how this could potentially impact operations at said Urgent Care. Provide examples to substantiate and develop your ideas.

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