interview older adult

Rationale: This course is designed to help students understand persons at all stages of the life cycle.

Directions: Interview an older adult (someone over age 60) to learn about his or her life-span development.

1) Identify an older adult who is willing to be interviewed for the class project. Schedule an adequate amount of time to complete the interview. Explain the interview is for a class project. Interviews ideally take place in person, but can be conducted by telephone, FaceTime, Skype, etc.

2) Use Haight’s Life Review to structure your interview. Take notes during the interview. You may record the interview if you have permission of the person you are interviewing.

3) After the interview, write an eight-page summary (in APA format) which:

a) Describes the older adult you interviewed

b) Uses the person-in-environment perspective and explains how the individual’s personal characteristics, family of birth, community, nationality, race or ethnicity influenced the life decisions and transitions this individual experienced.

c) Reflects on how information from the class about human development is reflected in your interview. Apply course material to at least four developmental periods of the person’s life.

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