health care week 2 discussion

Complete your week 2 required discussion prompts:

Prompt 1: Environmental factors significantly affect the opioid crisis in Anytown (please view the Week 2 Anytown Resident Video). What model would you use to create an environmental health program addressing the issue? What resources would you need to reach your goal? What community organizations would you need to support your efforts and why? What cultural factors should be included in this program to ensure its success?

Prompt 2: Pathways to Safer Opioid Use scenario

Link to access scenario:

Complete the character role of the nurse Rhonda Clark. You can work through this character more than once, making different decisions to alter the outcome. Once you have completed this role, answer the following:

What decisions did you make? Did you change any of your answers? Did anything surprise you? As a public health professional, how can you work with nurses on the opioid crisis?

Prompt 3: In this class, you will apply your learning by building a relationship with a healthcare organization of your choice. You will choose an organization, meet someone who works there, and assist her or him with a public health-related project that is relevant to PH 560.

Review the full description of the Signature Assignment for this course.

  • List three (3) different organizations you would like to do your project on. Why did you choose them?
  • Review the organizations’ websites and try to make contact with someone at the organization. What projects are they currently working on that are related to public health, epidemiology, disease outbreaks, or healthcare-acquired infections?
  • Respond to at least two (2) of your classmates’ or your instructor’s posts. Comment on the organizations they chose. Which organizations do you think are the best options and why?
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