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Read How to Segment Your Target Market on Social Networks and answer the following questions:

  1. What is the biggest idea you came away with from the article?
  2. Do you better understand how to segment your target market? Why or why not?

Reply 1: Bailey Clark

After reading the article, How to segment your target market on social networks, the biggest idea I came away with was the importance of elastic market segmentation. It is easy to assume that you can do the same social media marketing messages across all platforms but according to this article, its something of the past and ultimately does not positively contribute to success.

Understanding that every customer is different is an important aspect of knowing how to segment your target market. In order to know your market and how to segment it, you have to take the time to test your social media platforms to know the types of customers you have on each platform. The variations of customers can ultimately guide your campaign in the direction it needs to go to be successful. Overall, this article did not give me step by step directions on how to conduct segmentation of the target markets on social media but it did make me appreciate the importance of knowing your customers and in order to succeed.

Reply 2: Angelica Veith

This article gave a great information regarding segmentation. One key point I took away was, when using social media for marketing, you should use each platform and create a unique campaign geared to that audience. If you only use one platform, you run the risk of not being seen by all potential customers. I know personally, I don’t use every platform and I am sure others are the same. If a company only posted on Twitter, I would never see that companies advertisements because I don”t use that platform. A company needs to have every single social media site and have a specific campaign for that platform.

This article provides a great summery of segmentation. It explained how social media is the next biggest tool for marketing. This is one of the best ways a company can reach their audience. This article will help me as I prepare a segment market for Starbucks.


Sexton, K. (2013, April 23). How to Segment Your Target Market on Social Networks. Retrieved from https://www.socialmediatoday.com/content/how-segment-your-target-market-social-networks

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