disaster management 73

Annotated bibliography and Final paper for ( Emergency Preparedness among the Elderly: Challenges, Evacuation, and Recommendations).

Annotated bibliography requirements:

  • . Annotation is simply a brief summary of the article’s highlights, relevance to your paper etc. Two or three sentences for each paper are sufficient.

Final paper requirement: 15 – 20 pages.

Abstract – An overview of the paper topic, importance of the topic etc. Begin your abstract with “The purpose of this discussion is to…”

Targeted topics – Sample paper subheadings, major areas to be covered in your paper. Use bullets to help separate each subheading.

Selected references – cite at least three at this point (but will need to cite more in final paper). Also, see “Annotated Bibliography” below.

Expected conclusions what you expect at this point, recognizing that your final conclusions may be different; expect to discuss the difference(s) in your final paper.

Note* in attatched you will find the paper outline to help you in writing.

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