write a response about a poem

As you read, try to answer the following questions: 1) WHO is speaking in the work? (don’t assume, if the speaker is “I” — first-person point of view — that the speaker is the poet themself)
2) Through what mask/form?
3) For what ostensible purpose?

PROVIDE EXAMPLES that support your 3 claims. Bring a few lines of the poet to share next week, as we will be working in small groups. But upload your work here in this thread.

For example, if I were to do this with Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself 33” that we looked at in class I might say the poem’s speaker is a white guy living in the Midwest in 1845, speaking through the “mask” (form) of very long lines. These lines use repetition such as “where” and “over” and “upon” and “through”. The speaker aims to celebrate/exalt/praise the natural world, industry, and spiritual connections that criss-crossed the Great Frontier that was America in the 1800s.

The poem is here https://sites.google.com/site/nelliewonganalysis/mama-come-back

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