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I need some help with my research proposal term project. It has 3 small requirements and then the final paper. All material used must be recently published (within the past five years) peer-reviewed scholarly articles. Whoever helps me with this project needs to be able to help me through the whole thing as it is all related. Below you can see the requirements and due dates for each.

The topic must be from one of these areas: criminal justice, intelligence studies, international relations or security management.

Remember for this class you are selecting a topic NOT for writing a research paper about, but rather for writing a proposal to do actual hands-on research using scientific research methodology.

Due By March 12th

Working Title: Submit your proposed working title for approval by no later than Sunday of week 2. Late submissions of this assignment will not be accepted. Briefly discuss the literature and express what still needs to be researched or requires further research on the topic you would like to address in your research proposal. (500 words)

Due By March 21st

Annotated Bibliography: Submit an annotated bibliography by no later than Sunday of week 3. More info on annotated bibliographies may be found at the Purdue Owl Writing web site i.e.,

Due By April 5th

Rough Draft: Submit a rough draft of the research proposal by no later than Sunday of week 5.

Due By April 26th

Research Proposal (Term Project): Complete the term project, which is an 8-10 page (not counting the cover page), research proposal in proper APA format.

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