perform horizontal and vertical financial statement analysis in excel perform ratio analysis in excel

Method of Submission: 1. Print out hard copies of Excel spreadsheets. 2. E-Mail Excel spreadsheets used to perform analysis. Assignment Specifics: 1. Download your company’s financial statements from Mergent in Excel format. 2. Be sure to perform your analysis on: A. Three years of Year-End Income Statements B. Three years of Year End Balance Sheets 3. Copy original spreadsheets onto another worksheet in the workbook to begin your analysis. 4. Make two more copies (one for horizontal analysis, the other for vertical analysis). 5. Perform horizontal analysis on one of the spreadsheets. 6. Perform vertical analysis on the other spreadsheet. 7. Perform ratio analysis in another spreadsheet. Factors to consider when performing assignment: 1. How is the company grouping the income, expense and balance sheet items? 2. What jumps out at you from anything on the financial statements. (Unusual items deserve more investigation.) 3. How much tax does the company report paying? (Companies that pay tax are profitable, companies that do not pay tax may not profitable.) 4. Are there any “extraordinary items” (good or bad) that are not likely to show up in the future?

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