need at least 3 pages with calculations

Answer the following with the case in attachment, I’ll also shares slides for reference.

What is the value that Eneco plans to deliver to the energy consumer with the Toon platform? Analyze it using the Digital Value Drivers model, that is, assess what type of value is delivered along Cost, Experience and Platform.

– What is Customer Lifetime Value for Eneco in this future platform vs in their current model? Create a simple model with a 3-year calculation of said value. This implies using a simple formula in which you use a Net yearly Profit per customer to account for margin including Acquisition costs (as we do not have information about those), Retention rate and Interest rate to calculate the yearly expected profit per customer so you can at the end add up the three years into a CLTV. You need to do this for both the traditional model and the platform model using the information in the case. Which model is more profitable?

– What is your assessment of the future of this platform domestically and abroad given the steady entry of powerful competitors in the same markets? Is this platform defensible? And how scalable is it?

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