discussion scenario 1

Please complete the discussion below on the scenario:

1. View the following scenario. Briefly describe the different goal setting concepts and approaches for planning the project or program, and select one that you believe would be most effective your implementation. Provide a rationale as to why you would use the approach that you have selected, and why you believe this method is preferable to the other approaches for workplace motivation for you. Describe some of the pragmatic issues that you may face when using the goal setting approaches to enhance employee motivation and commitment to the project or program. Finally, describe the pros and cons of the goal setting and related approaches of motivation in the workplace.

2. How is the employee engagement model unique to workplace motivation? Think of a workplace organization that you might want to apply the employee engagement model to in the future, and devise an engagement campaign to implement your approach. What are some of the key steps in your implementation of your engagement campaign? How would you evaluate the success of your engagement campaign?

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