choose a problem in american society that is related to income disparity homelessness is the topic

Topic: Choose a problem in American society that is related to income disparity. In a 4-5 paragraph essay, provide evidence the problem exists. Use the essay structure as taught in class. For this essay, provide 2 quotes per body paragraph from outside sources. You may use multiple quotes from the same article if you want. Properly cite each quote or fact from an outside source following MLA format rules. You must include at least one quote from each of the following:

  • “The Distribution of Household Income,” 2016 CBO
  • At least one article of your choosing. You may use an article assigned in class, an article you find through a Google search, or an article from any of the Pierce College Library Databases ( (Links to an external site.)).
  • Essay Structure Worksheet (PDF)

    Essay Structure Worksheet (Microsoft Word)

    Works Cited Sample PageSample EssayMLA Format Guide


    Your thesis should tell (in 1-2 sentences):

    1. What the limited topic is
    2. What your side is (the problem you pick)
    3. How you know your side is correct (how you know it is a problem).

    Example thesis for Essay #1:

    1. The biggest problem related to income disparity in the United States
    2. is disinformation spread by media outlets owned by a select few
    3. as evidenced by a divided American public who cannot even agree on basic facts.


    • An introductory paragraph with an introductory strategy (5 sentences) and a thesis (1-2 sentences) that is 6-12 sentences long total
    • Thesis must contain a limited topic, an argument, and an explanation and be 1-2 sentences long
    • 2-3 body paragraphs, each with 8-12 sentences, properly structured.
      • Use 2 quotes per body paragraph to provide evidence
      • Introduce and cite your quotes and evidence
      • For every one sentence of summary or quote, include at least 2 sentences of analysis
    • A concluding paragraph of 6-12 sentences with a developed concluding strategy and thesis (restated).
    • The essay must be 4-5 paragraphs, typed, and double spaced in MLA format
    • The essay must maintain formal academic tone
    • Please include a works cited page (for Essay #1 only, errors on your works cited page are excused, as long as you have one).


    A quote must be introduced and give a parenthetical citation. Be sure to properly punctuate!The parenthetical citation gives the author’s last name and page number. If there is no author, use the title. If there is no page number, skip the page number.Cite any information you get from an outside source. Each sentence that contains information must have its own parenthetical.

    • Example: According to evidence, “quoting helps your argument” (Smith 45).
    • No author? Use the title. Example: According to evidence, “quoting helps your argument” (“On Quoting” 45).
    • No page number? Skip the page number. Example: According to evidence, “quoting helps your argument” (Smith).

    IMPORTANT!Avoid language like:

    • I believe
    • I think
    • In my opinion

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