an essay about vivian maier and bibliography

The detailed instructions are in the attachment

– at least 3 images used and discussed both formal and conceptually

– annotated bibliography needed 150 words for each citation

– in total 5-7 pages

I want to focus on how VIvian Maier’s work are mostly undeveloped before her death, which means she just really enjoys the action of taking photography instead of making her work seen to the public.

you can talk about it from several angle

Is the action of taking photographs an art, or the outcome (the photograph) is an art.

The work done by the artists, are they for themselves or for the audiences?

Eg, Kafka burning books

To the public/audiences, her work is an art, but maybe for herself, is simply pressing the button on the camera. Maybe she doesn’t even think she’s making art herself, just purely for her own satisfaction.

and the bibliography

– around 150 words for each citation

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