1 what is your clearly stated position on the question is congressional oversight of the defense department effective

Read this carefully, if your part one does not state a position clearly as stated on numerous occasions, then I will stop reading your paper and the paper grade willbe zero, please read this again. Clarity or zero – not negotiable, not re-doable,do not message with this or that. If you cannot state a position clearly, then choose another topic.

Virtually all the paragraphs in Part II of your paperneed to clearly, succinctly and parsimoniously connect your narrative to your stated position in Part I consistent with the actualtopic of this paper in this class

Follow the source and sourcing document exactly and please see the syllabus and sample papers.

The average number of footnotes for a position paper is about 8, 4 is the absolute minimum.

If you cannot state a clear position, then choose another topic.

Comment: stay focused and stay on the reservation and do not get sidetracked by rants, superfluous or tangential distractions. Keep it academic and on target.

Please read comments from paper one as applicable, please read all the documents made available to you to do well on these papers.

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