you will complete the second part of your business plan using the provided template it will contain two sections the marketing and advertising strategy as well as the financial plan and strategies

In the Marketing and Advertising Strategy section, you will describe your strategies for reaching current and anticipated customers, list your pricing policies and strategies, and outline your advertising/public relations plans.
In the Financial Plan and Strategies section, you will provide a summary of your past financial performance (if available), outline your current financial condition, state your projected sales and expenses, and identify your anticipated capital needs/determine how that money will be allocated.
Once you will finish your plan, you will create a 3-5-minute video to walk a potential investor through your entire business plan (both Part I and II), selling its relevance and profitability.
Your completed Business Plan Part II template and video must be uploaded to Blackboard by the end of Week 10. Remember that your business plan is key to the success of your business so put a lot of effort in here.

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