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You should submit an abstract (generally no more than one page) that discusses what Criminal Justice related topic you will focus on for the course comparative research paper.

You should also submit a list of proposed sources in the APA reference format – would expect to see five or more.

You will choose a topic from within the field of Criminal Justice that interests you and propose a thesis related to this topic within a comparative context (across various countries, legal traditions/systems, cultures, etc).

Possible topics could be any areas within the criminal justice system and you could choose a topic you are working on in one of your other courses, just be sure to present the topic in a comparative context – look at the issue from the perspective of two or more countries, compare the effectiveness of different approaches between countries, look at the issue from the perspective of international organizations, etc. Compare and contrast how different entities (countries, organizations, etc.) deal with your topic – be sure to provide a comparison with the U.S. The following should be considered in preparing your paper:

  • Your paper should be in formal APA format and should include all of the elements, title page, abstract, keywords, citations, etc.
  • Generally, your paper should be between 10-15 pages (could be less – but risky – should not be more) depending on the topic
  • All sources should have proper citations (and you should have in the neighborhood of at least five quality academic sources)
  • Your paper will be checked for plagiarism using a turn-it-in drop box
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