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The MINIMUM TIME of your presentation needs to be 5 minutes of you talking. Use the usual 5 sources minimum for your evidence – not background material, but evidence that strengthens your argument. You will need to narrow down the topic to one or two specific aspects, benefits, drawbacks, or specific forms of social media, and argue that the specific aspect is either positive or negative (you cannot be neutral, it is an argument).

As you are presenting an argument on a topic that is fully familiar to your audience, NO BACKGROUND INFORMATION SHOULD BE USED. Do not take up time by explaining who invented the technology or specific form, or when and where it was invented. That is not part of the argument, and your grade will reflect that fact should you take up presentation time by giving background information. Please make note of what I have just explained, because your grade will negatively reflect your use of history or background information. Get straight to the argument, and waste no time. Any background statistics or historical perspective needs to be done with in the introduction (the first 30 seconds of your presentation), but it doesn’t need to be included at all. It would be better if your presentation began with a thesis statement, such as: “The popularity of Snap Chat among teens has led to a critical level of narcissistic behavior, which is negatively impacting society.” That’s where you begin, not with the history of Snap Chat, not with who invented it. Jump right into the argument and don’t leave it. State your opinions on the topic and back those opinions up with credible evidence from professional sources (never from Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica or Merriam Webster’s Dictionary) that you can site in your presentation via attribution (“According to” signal phrases).

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