make a research paper out of outline

I already have an outline ready for you, just add whats messing and make it 6 pages. my topic is Cherry road fire.

The paper should include how the modeling system work and what types of mathematical measures are used by the system in comparison to a specific case where modeling was used. In addition, you will be using the Fire Dynamics Tools spreadsheets to conduct a sensitivity analysis of several of its calculations by varying input data such as room dimensions or ventilation openings. This analysis should be described in your paper.

• Clear introduction, body, and conclusion
• Sources start on page 7 (not included in the 12-page length requirement)
• Cited sources in text in APA format
• Cited sources (Works cited) in APA format
• 3 sources minimum (at least 1 from peer reviewed science Journals)

I will attach the outline + the topic article of my subject.

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