icsi201 write a program that creates customers bills for a carpet company

every detail about the project is at the part IV in the file I’ve upload.

Write a program that creates customers’ bills for a carpet company when the information below is given: • The customer’s last name, first name • Length and width of the carpet in feet • Carpet price per square foot First name and last name can be entered in any case. Length and width must be entered as integers. Carpet price per square foot can be a floating point number or an integer. The Customer ID must contain the following three parts in order. • First initial of a capitalized first name • First five characters of a capitalized last name (Assuming the user-entered last name is at least five-character long) • A random two-digit number in the range 10 to 99(inclusive). The tax rate is 8.5%, and it must be stored as a constant. The tax rate must be formatted into percentage format without leading zeros. Leading zeros must be used to make sure there are at least three digits in each formatted measurement data. All charge data must be formatted into required formats with leading zeros and trailing zeroes as shown. Note: It is required to use DecimalFormat objects for formatting.

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