cw 1 human factors in health amp safety assignment

In this task you are expected to visit any industry of your choice and conduct an incident investigation ( preferable oil & gas filed or construction site ).

The report should consist of approximately 1500 words.

The Report Should Focus on identifying the role of human factors in the occurrence and consequence of the chosen accident.

You are required to refer from wide range of literature review materials and sources to write this report.

The report should be preferably submitted in the following format:

  • Introduction– general introduction on human factors about the incident
  • Role of Human Factors consequences –identify and explain the specific dimensions and features that influence the accident
  • Failures/errors- Classify specific human failures types and explain the failure/error with relevance to the accident Study
  • Conclusion
  • References

# strictly follow the guidelines especially regarding the reference method ( Harvard references ) use the attached ducoment as a reference

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