assay about three goals need to be done

NOTE: Your grade is not based on your accomplishment, rather, your ability to honestly assess your progress to date and continually apply the concepts of health behavior change.


Prior to beginning this assignment:

  • Read Ch. 1 of your text (do not follow the example in the book use this template)
  • View the PowerPoint slides for Chapter 1, the Behavior Change Overview Powerpoint slides attached here & the Supplemental articles listed in the course resources section on SMART goals for further clarification.
  • Complete the self-assessment: How Healthy Are You? On pages 20-22 of your text.

Use this template provided to create your contract. Below are the specific directions for each section of the contract:

  1. Insert your name and your set up statement which includes your ONE specific behavior and goal in one statement. The target behavior (example- exercise 30 min 3 days per week – This is the “WHAT” of your goal, what you will be doing) & the goal (example- In order to lose 5 lbs.- This is the “WHY” of your goal). What is the reason/motivation you are doing this behavior?
  2. Insert the date you plan to begin your goal, followed by the date you plan to accomplish it.
  3. Create at least three relevant short-term goals that are mini goals set to help you reach your final goal. For each short-term goal, indicate the date that you will accomplish it. Add additional rows as needed. Delete any rows not used. Optional: For each short-term goal, identify a reward that you will earn for accomplishing the short-term goal. Select rewards that are not self-sabotaging your goal. (for example, if you are trying to lose weight don’t reward yourself with unhealthy foods that don’t support the goal.) If none, put “none” in the box.
  4. Enter what your long-term goal is over the next 6-12 months.
  5. Describe clearly and specifically at least one tool you will use to monitor your progress and how you will use it.
  6. Describe clearly and specifically at least three challenges or obstacles you anticipate encountering as you work towards your goal. For each challenge, identify at least one solid strategy you plan to use to help address or minimize each challenge. Add additional rows as needed.
  7. List resources that will aid you to accomplishing your target behavior change and goal.
  8. Sign and date your contract. If you do not have an electronic signature, you may simply type your name in the space for your signature.

Review and edit your contract making sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors, and that it looks professional.

Any part of this contract left blank or not answered will be penalized.

Click on the “Week One Assignment – Health Behavior Change Contract” link above to submit your assignment, as well to get more information regarding the due date and grading rubric.

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