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Abraham Lincoln (1861 -1865) High

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the Unites States, who ruled from 1861 until 1865 his assacination. one of the most important decisions that were made in his presidency was emancipation proclamation that began the process of freeing the slaves, and also allowed black soldier to fight for the union. He was a firm believer and supporter of the thirteenth amendment that ended the slavery in the U.S. Abraham Lincoln made it clear that he found slavery wrong and did take action to not expand it.

President Abraham Lincoln was a republican. He fought in the Civil war to reunite the union, that war ended in 1865. His most important domestic legalization included Homestead Acts in 1862 that made millions of acres of land available for lower cost. Also in 1862 the Morill land Grant Colleges Act that provided college grants for agricultural colleges in all the states. Also in the same year The Pacific Railway Act that was completed in 1869, it granted the federal support for the constructions.

Another event that Lincoln is famous for is his Gettysburg Address. It’s a big accomplishment for Lincoln for the impact it had then and has until today. In the national cemetery in Gettysburg Pennsylvania, his perch contained freedom in all the states for all the cite zines working more towards unity, and how he would strive to achieve them all. While the Trent Affair threatened war with Great Britain. And U.S navy illegally intercepting a British mail ship. Linocln was able to end the crisis by releasing the diplomats.

National banking Act, he established a standard bank note currency, also he made the banks who joined the national banking system able to buy government bonds also issue sound paper money.

In foreign policy, Lincolin’s main purpose was stopping the aiding military to the Confederacy. Even though most of the matters were left to his Secretary of the State William Seward. But he also had a great relation with the senate of the foreign relations Charles Summer.

Thomas Jefferson (1801 – 1809) above average

Thomas Jeffersons policy in domestic policy.

President Jefferson was a Democratic-republican party. Which made him do everything in his power to not give the government and power to the federals. He wanted them to have the minimum role in the government. he did not want them to be powerful, he supported agriculture a lot, because he was a former planter.

Jefferson got rid of unpopular taxes like whiskey tax. he supported yeoman farmers , and helped the agriculture to grow more.

In his presidency the Kentucky and Virginia resolution occurred that was a naturlazation law which returned the years needed for an immigrant to become a citizen. He stopped excise taxes and government expenses that were a lot He also wanted the indians tribes to come into the U.S but not having them removed by force, another important policy was signed in 1807 the ‘Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves’ that stopped and banned brining more slaves into America. One of the most important events that happened in his presidency was the Louisiana Territory purchase that expanded the U.S land and made it almost doubled which was a result of a peaceful negotiation with France. Also Louis and Clark Expedition occurred in his presidency time.

He strengthened the states rights by voiding the federal alien and sedition acts.

For his foreign policies, he made small boats to fight off the babrbary pirates, the Embargo Act of late in 1806-1807 which led to cutting and forbidding all the export of goods from U.S to any other non U.S state. The ‘Non Intercourse Act” of 1809 which led to opening trades with everyone besides Britain and France.

In my opinion the best president is George Washington no doubt, he was the first man who served his nation as a leader but someone who belongs to a specific party. He was a true hero, letting a side the fact he had to figure out everything by himself for being the first one in such a position and leading a big nation, opening new government sectors, opportunities and giving the job and titles to them. Despite all that, he was a human at the end, not someone led by rules and policies, he was great leader yet humble who never took advantage of his position.

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