this question is about making a soccer database on sql

  • DD (data type, constraints)
  • Database Diagram
  • Tables, Views, Stored Procedures

Required Items: Tables

Required Items: Views

  • You must have at least 3 views, 1 must be an indexed view.
  • You must use ‘as’ to set labels for the columns in your result sets.
  • View 1: List of winning teams and their goals scored for each match.
  • View 2: All Players and their ages calculated from their DOBs.
  • View 3: Total, Most, Least, and Average minutes played.

Required Items: Stored Procedures

  • 3 sprocs, 1 with at least 2 parameters.
  • Sproc 1: Player full names and ages, @player
  • Sproc 2: Head coach name and phone, @coach
  • Sproc 3: Player performance in a match, @player @match

Additional Requirements: Logic checks

You must demonstrate each view and each sproc logic checked.


1. Data dictionary detailing column labels, data types, defaults, rules, checks, index, identity, unique.

2. Database diagram demonstrating connections (PK-FK) between tables.

3. Upload DBDD, MDF, LDF files.

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