lifting and carrying assessment 1

Complete the ergonomic calculator for analyzing lifting operations to determine if the weight lifted is greater than the lifting limit. You should note the lifting limit in comparison to the weight lifted. Use the WISHA Lifting calculator (XLSM – Ergo-Plus).

After completing the assessment, upload a copy of your assessment and submit it for this assignment. The following information is provided for the case.

The product is brought into the trailers on a pallet via forklift. It is the job of the loader to depalletize the product and stack it within the trailer as the organization’s pallets remain at the facility. The employees load various pine-wood furniture products that are boxed. Product sizes can vary in shape and weights. The depalletizing job selected for the analysis, includes boxes that consist of short end panels for bunk bed units. The boxes measure 43” (l) x 38” (w) x 6” (h). The weight of each box is 37 pounds. Use the additional case information data to complete the assessment.

Case Information



Width of item

38 inches

Weight of load

37 lbs

Starting load position (inches away from body)

13.5 inches*

Ending load position

23 inches

Starting load height

5 inches from ground

Ending load height

49 inches


6 lifts per minute


>2 hours

Body twisting angle

0 degrees @ origin

0 degrees @ destination



Distance carried

12 feet

*Horizontal distance between ankle and lifting object

13.5 inches = from ankle to midpoint of hands, which were held at differing locations on product. One at left corner, the other in the hand-hole in the box at 19”.

For this assignment, calculate the risk at the origin and the destination and upload the results of the highest calculated risk.

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