health science 401

I have attached 2 articles for this assignment.

1. For the first article, write at least a one-page paper to include the following sections:

    • Health Topic: State the health topic or issue being addressed by the program. Examples might include obesity, diabetes, or smoking.
    • Priority Population: State the population for whom the intervention was implemented. Examples might be overweight teenage girls, older adults with diabetes living in Michigan, or pregnant women.
    • Setting: State the setting in which the intervention takes place.Examples might include a community center, a senior living home, or a local medical clinic.
    • Intervention Strategies. Create a vertical list of the intervention activities that were used. For each, provide a brief description to include the dose (how often and how long, e.g., 2 hrs. a week, 3 times a week for 8 weeks).
    • Impact/Outcome: Write a brief paragraph summarizing the results of the program. Summarize the information in your own words; do not simply cut and paste from the article.
    • Reference: Write the appropriate reference for the article in APA format.

2. Repeat for the second article.(at least 1 page)

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