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I will set this one to 650 words. It must be in MLA format with works cited included. Your analysis choices are below. Once completed, please submit via Canvas as you did before.



Poetry Analysis Choices

1. Explain the theme of “The Nature of Things” by Lucretius.

2. Write a character analysis on the speaker (“Duke of Ferrara”) of The Last Duchess.

3. Write a character analysis about “The Ruined Maid.”

4. Compare and contrast the three masters of Haiku: Issa, Buson, and Basho.

5. Compare and contrast some of the legendary works of poets during the height of the Harlem Renaissance (e.g. Baldwin, Hurston, Hughes, etc.) to the legendary works of poets during the Golden Age of Hip-Hop (e.g. Rakim, Tupac, Biggie, etc.)

6. Write a tone analysis about Tears, Idle Tears.

7. Write a response to any one of the poems that we covered in class.

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