critical appraisal of the statistics in a quantitative journal article

multivariate inferential statistics

Maximum two pages, single-spaced, 12-point font (grading for content, not length!

Comprehensive brevity indicates understanding!)

1) Select an article that uses multivariate inferential statistics to answer a research

question or test a hypothesis.

a. Cite the article (authors, date of publication, article title, journal name and issue)

Provide a link or doi if available

b. Format using either APA or Vancouver Style

2) In paragraph form, critically appraise the inferential multivariate statistics used to

answer at least one research question/objective in a primary source journal article.

a. Purpose. Explain the purpose of the research paper and the specific hypotheses

or research questions addressed in the study – if it is a large study with multiple

questions/hypotheses, it is ok to focus on one (provided it is answered using

multivariate inferential statistics).

i. If the question / hypothesis is not stated explicitly, state this and discuss

how this is a limitation in your concluding remarks. You can figure out a

question / hypothesis that is inferred from the introduction and methods.

b. Variables. List each variable in the question(s) you are focussing on and state the

methodological and measurement properties of each variable.

c. Analyses. Describe the analyses used to answer the research question, and

explain if they were appropriate or if you think something else would have been

better. If you think something else would have been better, give a specific


d. Results. Summarize the key results (report important statistics) and assess if

there is appropriate level of detail for you to understand the results and for

transparency of reporting.

e. Concluding remarks. Provide a balanced assessment of the relative strengths

and weaknesses of the data you have commented on from your perspective (e.g.

practical relevance, validity, theoretically grounded, novelty etc.).

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