5 case study questins from frank rothaermal starbucks corporation report

Read the attached Starbucks Case report by Frank Rothaermal.

Answer the 5 questions below:

1. How did Starbucks create its uniqueness in the first place? Why was it so successful (until the mid-2000s)?

2. Why and how did Starbucks lose its uniqueness and struggle in the mid-2000s?

3. What strategic initiatives did Howard Schultz put in place to re-create Starbucks’ uniqueness after his return in 2008? Detail each strategic initiative. Explain why a specific strategic initiative was successful.

4. How is Starbucks trying to grow in the future? What are its biggest challenges?

5. What recommendations would you give the new Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson, to address the challenges identified in Question 4? Be specific.


Do not ‘Copy & Paste’ the case questions or any part of the case. If you do, the Plagerisim Similarity index goes up.

Cite only the case study (APA format).

Please include detail from the case. You need to cite specific pages and refer to charts to justify that you have read the material. Show support using numbers and directional changes in financial management. For example, when you indicate the “uniqueness” of Starbucks is customer service, any firm can claim that. Tell how Starbucks is different using the case study material.

When possible, base some of your analysis off of the concepts in the attached Powerpoint.

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