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The French and Indian War, the American Revolution and the War of 1812 and watch some of the videos on these early wars.

French and Indian War and American Revolution

War and its outcomes, it has brought victory to many nations yet big loses to many others. As we all know every war has had its negative sides from the damages it has caused whether it was losing innocent civilians, soldier, damaging the building or affecting the economy, but on the other hands it has brought freedom and victory.

The French and Indian war or also knows as the ‘Seven years war’.it began in 1754 which was a war between France and England over north American territory which ended in 1763 with a treaty of Paris, which led to France giving up Canada and all the territory of east Mississippi except New Orleans. Yet providing Brits great earns of territories in North America. But later due to the controversy of frontier policy and expenses led to colonial dissatisfaction which later on to the American Revolution.

The French and Indian war resulted from the ongoing struggles and tensity between both French and Britain over expanding their power and influence over the frontier areas. The war was between France and native American allies against Great Britain, American colonists. Before tensions rose Great Britain had control over all the 13 colonies. But there was unconquered land beyond the colonies called new France. The borders between French and British land were not clear. Both countries wanted control of the Ohio River Valley. The French began to settle in the area. Lt Colonel George Washington tried to drive out the French in 1754, but was defeated. When the British prime minister got informed about the failure, he tried to call for undeclared retaliation. But his appendence in the British cabinet exposed his plans to the French government which escalated the fight to a war

The war didn’t go very well for the Great Britain. General Edward Braddock was sent to the colonies to aid in the upcoming war. But, he drove away the possibility of having native American allies and could not work with the colonial leaders. General Braddock went out to capture Fort Duquesne but he died after an ambush. After that, the war in North America entered a stalemate for a few years. In 1759 also called the year of miracles, marked the victory of great british in north America against France. The British forces defeated French forces in India, and Canada was invaded. After that defeat France tried to negotiate peace, but the British PM wanted possession of Canada, which the French government did not accept. After the negotiation failed, Spain and France decided to ally. The French government wanted to fight against the great Britain, and war was declared on Spain due to its alliance difference. Due to the power of the British navy, Spain was defeated. As a reward the British conquered multiple Spanish controlled islands.

On 1763 french and Spanish sought peace, and came up with the Treaty of Paris. Great Britain earned more north American territory. The aftermath of the war was not good for great Britain. The american colony suffered from heavy taxes because of how expensive the war was. The taxes made the colonists hate the British and their attempts to control the colonies. This tension between the two soon led to a civil war for independence.

I believe the main reason of this war was due to the territorial disputes between French and the british colonies, and their lack of clear boundaries between their territories. If they had the clarity of borders between them it wouldn’t have had led to losing territory, morale, money and later the north American colony.

The most important battle in the French and Indian war was the “battle of Fort Duquesne”. This battle was a turning point for the British success because they conquered the French territory of Canada. This defeat marked the end of the French and Indian war in North America. Afterwards a peace treaty was being negotiated. This battle is important because it was a turning point for Great Britain and all involved parties.

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