human resources in the hospitality industry project

Choose ONE topic: ( directions and example are attached, please read before start !!!!)

  • Develop a job description and job specification for a real hospitality industry career. It can be any job from entry level to senior management. The job description must be detailed and well developed and include all key elements outlined in the course text. This must be your own job designed and not plagiarized from the internet.
  • Develop a recruitment plan for a real hospitality industry career. Detail the recruitment process for the job, where and how will you promote the job, and how will you prepare for the recruitment interview.
  • Develop a well-designed set of recruitment questions for a job in the hospitality industry. What questions are appropriate to ask in the interview process? What does each question measure? What is the best type of interview for the job you have selected? What is the manager looking for in the interview?
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