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First, please read through Edward Tufte’s essay, “PowerPoint is Evil” and Lupton’s “PowerPoint Dos and Don’ts” (both pieces are at the end of the chapter).

  • Tufte is pretty hard on the PowerPoint genre. What are the core reasons for his disgust with slide-sharing platforms in general? Do you think his opinions are justified? Why or why not? Explain.
  • Compare Tufte’s sense of “good” and “bad” PP design to Lupton’s ideas in her piece. Do they share similar notions about information design? What role does “respecting the audience” play? What do you see as main similarities and differences?
  • For Project 3, you’re encouraged to keep the text brief, as PP slide decks are used as a visual supplement to the presentation (NOT the presentation itself, as Tufte and Lupton agree). Tufte seems to make a BIG deal about the small amount of text on a slide, noting that most slides in a business setting would have about 40 words (8 seconds of reading). Lupton makes a point to “Write less. Use more space,” which seems more in line with Project 3’s expectations. What sense do we make of this discrepancy? When might more text be necessary (if at all?)? When might less text be the answer? Does using less text automatically mean it’s not effective? Explain.
  • What experiences do you have with the PP genre in an academic setting? What experiences do you have with the PP genre in a professional setting? What are the differences/similarities? When do you think the PP genre is most beneficial? Explain.
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