customer satisfaction and retention strategies

Customer satisfaction is a customer’s overall feeling with their experience. When attempting to measure customer satisfaction, you need to know who your customers are as well as their needs and wants. To measure customer satisfaction effectively, you must look at the customers’ experiences from their perspective. One standard method of obtaining a customer’s perception of that experience is to ask questions about their experience through surveys.

One of the most important goals of Customer Service is retaining customers. Retention takes place when a company makes a continual effort to keep its current customers. A key to Customer Retention is getting everyone in the company to understand that they play a role in the retaining of customers. All employees are responsible for a customer’s positive experience.


Explain customer satisfaction and retention strategies.


You have been asked by

of a

four star
hotel to lead a project team whose focus will be defining the customer’s experience and develop tools to measure customer service satisfaction. You have also been tasked with developing a Customer Loyalty Reward program that is easily managed and supports the goals of the hotel.


You have been asked by leadership to research information on customer service and retention to create a report that will include the following points:

  • Define how the customer’s experience of the hotel impacts retention strategies.
  • Create three questions for a customer comment card that the customer will complete that convey their service experience.
  • Explain why these three questions are important to collecting customer satisfaction feedback.
  • Discuss the importance of a Customer Loyalty Rewards program.
  • What key points should be included in the brochure that supports the hotel’s goals for customer satisfaction support and retention strategy?
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