5 discussion questions 1

1. (Per-101)

Again, please start this assignment by conducting research using your textbook and the resources of the GMC Library. Once you have completed your research, reflect upon the information before composing your post. Then, put the information into your own words. Do not copy directly from the source. Support your position(s) using the information that you located while conducting your research. Be sure to incorporate scholarly sources and cite them properly in your posts.

When you have finished your research on the topic of Physician-Assisted Suicide, answer the following questions:

  • What is the best reason that you have found to support physician-assisted suicide? Please explain your reasoning for considering this the best reason.
  • What is the best reason that you have found to oppose physician-assisted suicide? Please explain your reasoning for considering this the best reason.
  • Are there alternatives to physician-assisted suicide? Are any of these better options? Why or Why Not?

Please notethat some of the resources that you find on this topic will be biased (only one point of view presented). Make sure to check for objectivity when reviewing the source. It is also important that you check for fairness of the sources that you are using to support your arguments.

2. (Chem-201)

The primary objective of this forum is to circulate the facts associated with chemical bonding. The concepts that you will discuss here build directly upon the elements of quantum theory from last week. Your initial post to the forum should be in response to the following:

Discuss the differences between ionic and covalent bonding with relevant examples.

Here are some suggestions of topics on which to elaborate upon in your explanations:

  • Compare the strengths of the two bond types.
  • References to the rules of VSEPR theory.
  • A discussion of the melting and boiling points of the compounds of both bond types.

Your subsequent four posts to your peers and/or your instructor should further the discussion by elaborating on the objectives above. Citations must be provided for researched content from credible sources.

3. (Eng-201… 8.1)

For this discussion select one of the the qualities of the ideal prince delineated by Machiavelli. In your response, discuss at least two of the following points.

  • How does the ideal compare to one in other works you have read for this class?
  • Is this particular quality still relevant in today’s world? Explain.
  • What are the positive and negative aspects of this quality?
  • How would possessing this quality make a prince successful as a ruler?
  • In your opinion, is this quality moral or immoral? Why?

Task 1: Create a new discussion topic on or before on or before the required due date/time by clicking the ‘**REPLY HERE**’ post. Develop a substantive main thread addressing each part of the prompt in full. Your initial thread should be three paragraphs in length (200+ words) and provide textual evidence. You should provide at least one direct quote from the source formatted in MLA Style. For more information about MLA Style, see the Purdue Online Writing Lab here: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/mla_style/mla_formatting_and_style_guide/mla_in_te

4. (Eng-201… 8.2)

The Prince was, no doubt, a revolutionary work in the Renaissance and became one of the most influential books in history. Renaissance Italy played a fundamental part in the politics of Machiavelli’s time, and consequently in his work too. Focusing on The Prince’s historical context, briefly discuss how the arguments and examples embedded in The Prince reflect that context. Also, consider how those arguments apply or not to contemporary society. Provide an example.

Support your answer with specific examples from the text. Do not use direct quotes!

Task 1: Create a new discussion topic on or before the required date/time by clicking the ‘**REPLY HERE**’ post. In your reply, you will post your answers to the above questions. Your response should be a minimum of 150 words. Going over the minimum word length requirement is acceptable. It is suggested that you use MS Word or another word processing application that can check spelling/grammar and can show the word count prior to posting.

5. (Government 8.2)

Which aspects of law applied most to your problem for this course? Find 2-3 court cases or legal statues that refer specifically to the problem you would like to solve. Share them and explain why they are relevant. Be sure to cite references as required.

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