write a paper of at least 2 000 words describing the project management plan you would implement as the project manager of the healthcare gov website project

Research Paper: Individual Assignment. Write a paper of at least 2,000 words (excluding citations and abstract) describing the project management plan you would implement as the project manager of the HealthCare.gov website project.

The research paper is divided into two deliverables:

  • One page abstract is due on March 20, 2020
  • Full paper is due on Mach 25, 2020

The topic of the research paper is the Healthcare.gov website project, based on the Harvard Business Review case study called “ The HealthCare.gov Project” (Product id: JIT092-PDF-ENG, Oct 2016).

Link to case: https://hbsp.harvard.edu/import/709271 ( I have attached an PDF)

The assignment must be submitted in Blackboard as a Word document adhering to the APA style guide.All submissions should include your last name and first initial in the file name, i.e., <last name_first initial> IT 343 Research Paper.

  • Provide a one page abstract of your paper to summarize your conclusions.
  • Provide a brief summary of the project, highlighting the aspects that are relevant to your role as the Project Manager.
  • Identify at least four risks or issues facing the project on October 1, 2013 (the date the website opened for users). Describe the type of risk, how it developed, and the potential impact to the project. Recommend a risk management approach that you would implement as the project manager. Describe the key actions you would take for each risk.
  • Put yourself in the position of project manager on October 15, 2013. Provide at least four recommend actions you would take to address the project management challenges facing the project. Actions might include implementing new processes or methodologies, adjusting staffing, budget, or schedule, changing project scope, or other options. Describe your approach to implementing the changes, including significant documents, tools and techniques, training requirements, time lines for introducing the approaches to the team members, and assumptions made by you if any.
  • Your paper should demonstrate how, as a project manager, you would position yourself to be successful.The bulk of the grade is therefore allocated to how well you succeed in describing this understanding.Do not simply provide a summary of tools and techniques as your final paper.
  • Document your information sources with at least three properly formatted reference citations
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