write a 2 3 page essay on either one of the topics below

This assignment is a formal essay of approximately 2-3 pages. Write on ONE of the topics below. I expect you to write strictly from the excerpts we discussed in this course as the topic below could be far more extensive than a 2-3 page essay should a student include other sources or the entire work that the excerpts represent.


Topic 1: Using the primary sources from the French Revolution (1) Abbe Sieyes Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes.docx “What is the Third Estate”, 2) Approved by the National Assembly of France.docx “Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen,” and 3) Robespierre on Terror.docx “Republic of Virtue” — all of which we discussed in the Conference this week and are available in this module, explain what we learn about the revolution and revolutionaries in the French Revolution. Why did the French Revolution turn so violent and devolve into the Reign of Terror?

Topic 2: Using the poems from the Romantic William Wordsworth (“Tables Turned” The Tables Turned.docx) and discussion by the Conservative Edmund Burke (“On the French Revolution” Edmund Burke.docx) — both of which are available in this weeks Module and we discuss in this week’s conference — explain the main critiques of the Enlightenment by Romantic and Conservative writers.

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