valuate these two research articles

Valuate these two research articles(see the PDF):

(The following are only the guidelines for what should be present in the report. Not answers to them directly. No “Yes” or “No” in the report for these questions directly. Give actual details. 1 to 2 pages per paper.)

a. Introduction

i. Does the investigator report on relevant literature?

b. Hypotheses

i. What form was used to state the hypotheses?

ii. Do the hypotheses have clarity?

c. Sample

i. Is the sample appropriate for the study?

ii. Is the sample large enough?

iii. Was there any potential bias in the sampling procedure?

d. Measures

i. Is evidence of validity and reliability noted?

ii. Do you detect weaknesses in measurement procedures or the measures themselves?

e. Treatments

i. Identify the type of research design used?

ii. Are the treatments described in sufficient detail?

iii. Are there weaknesses in the treatments that could affect the results?

f. Results and Conclusions

i. Were appropriate statistical tools used?

ii. Are the results reported in simple and clear language?

iii. Did the investigator relate the results to the hypotheses?

iv. Does the investigator overly conclude?

g. Overview

i. Identify the most serious deficiencies of this research?

ii. How and to what extend are these deficiencies likely to affect the research findings?

iii. In general, what is your opinion of this research?

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