this paper is about military correspondence information paper the writer must be able to understand the military

Instructions: 1. Read CC6620REQE for a description of the information paper, the format to use, and a sample paper. I have attachments, If they are not enough reach out to me. Please view and understand all of the attachments. What is required is in the attachments.

Information Paper Overview An information paper is normally used to provide factual information in concise terms to prepare the recipient for discussions and/or meetings. Only essential facts concerning the subject should be included and developed in an orderly and logical manner. Information papers are selfexplanatory and will not refer to enclosures except for additional tabs containing data, charts, etc. Information papers are normally attached to other documents, hand-carried, or transmitted by informal notes. They do not require an address or signature block. Place the appropriate originating office code and date in the upper right hand corner of the page—the date is the day of dispatch from the originator. Units may alter the information paper format to meet specific needs. Modified Format for the Information Paper For the purposes of this lesson, the information paper format has been modified from that found in MCO 5216.20B. The following modifications were made. Changed “Subject” to read “Subj” on the subject line. Changed the key points format to a paragraph format instead of bulleted text. If needed, added an example of how to cite a reference within the key points portion of the paper. Added a conclusion paragraph to reinforce the key points, recommend a change, and to convey the relevance and benefit of the change. See Figure 1 for a description of the content that goes into the paper and the format to use with the CC6620HW homework assignment. See Figure 2 for a limited sample information paper.

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