the strategic career life plan

Project Overview

Each student’s career and/or educational issues can be part of “The Strategic Career & Life Plan” to complete CMR 495. “The Strategic Career & Life Plan” will work in terms of layered boxes working down from the top of thepyramid. The level of detail in the layered boxes tends to increase as an individual move down the pyramid of “TheStrategic Learning Plan.”

1.Create and organize the Student’s: Vision, Mission and Values Statements (use similar structure as shown in the following slides)

2.Create an Current Issues Analysis issues, risks and plans to abatement the risks (use similar structure as shown in the following slides)

3.Create a SWOT analysis identifying the student’s Strengths and Weaknesses

4.Create a summary which includes the above 3 items. This summary can then be used in your personal portfolio detailing your ability in the topic of strategic management

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