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NSG/532: Innovative Curriculum Design

Wk 1 Team – Curricular Foundation [due Mon]

Wk 1 Team – Curricular Foundation [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. Deciding on the model or concept to use when developing curriculum depends on the type of program the nurse educator plans to build. Here are some questions to consider before developing a nursing curriculum:

    • What type of curriculum would the nurse educator build for an academic pre-licensure program versus a graduate program, or would the concept be the same?
    • What does the board of nursing in your state indicate, as needed, in nursing curriculum?
    • What type of curriculum would the nurse educator build for non-credit professional development or continuing education curriculum?

    As a team,
    research different models and concepts of curriculum types: block-based, concept-based, competency-based, and problem-based.

    Write a 1,400-word, APA-formatted paper, in which you:

    • Analyze the models and concepts that would not work well for different types of curriculum. Provide rationales.

    Cite and
    reference sources.

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