please created powerpoints using the little seagull handbook to get full credit be thorough in your powerpoints 1

Being thorough means:

  • Present and explain in all main concepts presented.
  • You may quote from the text, but you must also explain the concepts in your own words.
  • Use the headings as a guide to be sure all important information is included.
  • Use visual aids (pictures and such) to make your presentation interesting.

Content to Include:

Developing Paragraphs: Pages 107-117

    • Create slides for the following
      • Quoting
      • Parphrasing
      • Summarizing
      • Using Signal Words
      • Avoiding Plagiarism

Arguments: Pages 122-169

  • Create slides for the following
    • In-text Documentation
    • List of Works Cited
      • Core Elements
      • Authors and Contributors
      • Articles in Works Cited
      • Books in Workd Cited
      • Websites in Works Cited
      • Personal Communication and Social Media

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