please answer one out of the 3 questions below 1

Please answer ONE out of the 3 questions below.

there will be ONE page in total.

The format is 12 point font, single spaced, and 1′ margin.

Q1. According to David P. Baron’s article, “Integrated Strategy: Market and Non-market Components,” the non-market environment is characterized by four “I”s. What are these four “I”s? What is Michael E. Porter’s five force analysis and how does it play a role in market and non-market strategies? Why can companies employ non-market assets to add value?

Q2. Based on “Korean Development and Western Economics,” “Daewoo and the Korean Chaebol,” and “Wall Street Journal (December 8, 1997)” articles, please provide your personal opinions about the continuous debate between East and West on which economical system is better.

Q3. Michael E. Porter developed the “Diamond System” to challenge classical economists’ thoughts (e.g., David Ricardo’s). What are the differences among classical economists’ thoughts (western thoughts), Michael E. Porter’s thoughts (western thoughts), and Asian 4 Tigers’ methods of rapid economical growth (eastern thoughts)? Also, “fit” is the key reason for South Korea’s success during the 1963-1993 period of time. What does it mean?

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