i need a research paper in apa format 3


Discuss the impact of cloud processing environments on application security.Be sure to define cloud computing, application security, and the various types of implications.


The paper is to be between 2,000 and 2,500 words.It must be formatted using APA style. A least five scholarly resources must be utilized.Scholarly resources include journal articles in peer reviewed journals, textbooks, and Educational and Government websites.Wikipedia, message boards, blogs, and commercial websites are not scholarly.While you can cite a commercial website, it will not count as one of the scholarly sources.The paper will be evaluated using plagiarism scanning technology, so be careful to include citations and follow APA procedures when dealing with direct quotes.It is expected that one of the five sources will be your text.

Review Rubric and following the grading criteria

Note: Provide 12 Slide power point presentation highlighting the key things from paper

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