gather information on malala yousafzai

Step 1

Watch the speech that Malala made in 2013 at the United Nations at the age of 16. (You can read the transcript of the speech at

1. What is the purpose of her speech? Be specific.

2. What type of thesis statement does she use? (Compare-contrast, cause-effect, problem-solution)

3. Write down 2 examples of her use of supporting evidence. (Statistics, Concrete details, Facts and examples)

4. Why is she focused on women’s rights and girls education?

5. What is the effect of her calling her audience her “sisters and brothers?

6. What is she asking the audience to do?

Step 2


1. Why did the Taliban have a death threat out on Malala?

2.What award did she receive at the age of 17?

3. What is the Malala fund?

How many books has she published?

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