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what is a GAP analysis? A GAP analysis involves the comparison of actual performance with potential or desired performance. Simply stated, a GAP analysis will ask the questions…1) Where are We? 2) Where do we want to go? How do we get there? Note: The difference in where we are and where we want to go is the gap. The key parts of a GAP Analysis are simply to describe the current situation (i.e. both the positives and the areas that need improvement), describe what the situation SHOULD look like (i.e. what you want to get to), and then a description of the actions necessary to “bridge the GAP” (i.e. your recommendations). You will discuss at least four positives and four negatives or areas of improvement.

What will we discuss to conduct our GAP analysis this week? Well, you couldn’t have selected a more timely opportunity to study strategy than during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, carefully review the assignment below for Week One and post your response in the appropriate forum. The length of your assignment should be at least one full word document page and it should be supported from both the text AND one additional reference.

Discussion Assignment One: With the onset of the COVID-19, there have been many issues in organizations with respect to preparation and/or contingency plans for operations and employees at stake. For example, there have been many front line employees (TSA agents, firefighters, airline attendants, medical personnel, etc.) who have been affected by this outbreak. In Atlanta, a fire department quarantined an entire staff of firefighters who responded to a 911 call for a teacher who tested positive for the virus. Did the firefighters take precautionary measures when they responded to the call? There are many other situations where the companies and employees were simply caught off guard by the effects of this virus. What other situations can you think of that lacks a preventive strategy for dealing with this pandemic? Note, if an organization does not have a COVID-19 Advisory Panel, it is already behind the eight ball. Thus, a strategy is definitely needed to address these ongoing issues. Select an organization of your choice (examples: cruise lines, airports, airline industry, churches, social and recreational gatherings, restaurants, government agencies, hospitals, nursing home facility, your workplace, etc.) that has been affected by COVID-19. Conduct a GAP analysis of the situation by following the instructions below. Note: There are sample deliverable artifacts posted under the Sample Briefcase Item Module. Please feel free to use these sources to guide your efforts.

Briefcase Item A: GAP Analyst. Using an organization affected or potentially affected by COVID-19, please do the following:

1. Briefly describe the current situation

2. Explore at least 4 positives AND 4 negatives or areas that need improvement

3. Describe what the situation should look like (what is the end goal or how should the situation be?)

4. Describe the actions that are necessary to “bridge the gap”. These are your recommendations. In your recommendations, you will research at least ONE peer reviewed article to support your premise and include both an intext citation and a reference for this recommendation.

5. Write your deliverable in a word document. Copy/paste the document in the assigned task force group. No attachments are accepted in the forum.

The assignment should be at least one full word document page, and both text and an additional reference should support

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