based on your area of interest and or career goals choose an organization ngo or not for profit and or company and describe what it is that they do and their purpose for existing the company i would like to do would be bose the audio company

Based on your area of interest and/or career goals, choose an organization (NGO or not-for-profit) and/or company and describe what it is that they do, and their purpose for existing.

Research and explain:

  • The issues they may be facing and their internationalization efforts and activities.
  • Controversies related to internationalization they may be facing. For example, what may be a reason/justification for them NOT to engage in these activities.
  • Describe efforts of their competitors in terms of global expansion, or is that industry or, product-line not suitable for other markets?

Use at least five (5) references, and please cite your references in APA style.

The paper should be between 4 – 5 pages.

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