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I am writing to request that you author an article in the issue of our prestigious PM magazine. The theme of the PM magazine is Diversity and Inclusion in Project Management.

Given your background as a leading expert in project management. I am of the strong opinion that an article on Motivating Diverse Teams from you will be an exceptional contribution to this edition.

Please see a link to previous editions to have an idea of the final output:

  • The article must have a project management focus.
  • 3-page article on Motivating Diverse Teams
  • About 2 photo-pictures describing the article (Motivating Diverse Teams)
  • The photo-pictures can be in either graphic form, clouds drawings, live pictures or sketch drawing explaining motivating a diverse team.
  • The photo-pictures must be yours not copied from someone work.
  • Please, the article should be free from errors and there should be no plagiarism in any form and it must be reference properly.
  • Reference properly
  • I have attach my own write up, I will like you to edit and build on it and also please do not forget photo-picture and remember the article will be publish in our school magazine.

Best regards

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