answer the following questions 300 500 word for each question

1) (20 points) Suppose a fellow freshman at Stetson named Jimmy approaches you with an idea to change the Florida’s law on texting and driving. Last year Florida’s Texting and driving law changed and now it is a primary offence to be observed by a law enforcement officer texting while driving. Your friend has received four tickets in the last three months, and is very aggravated with this new law. Your friend would like to change the texting and driving law so that texting and driving would be a secondary offence. This would mean that an officer would first need to observe you breaking a primary offence law (e.g., not wearing a seatbelt, speeding, illegal changing of lanes) before making a stop, and could not stop your friend for solely being observed texting while driving. Your friend wants your help to make this a reality, and needs you to walk him through what he should do and prepare for. What advice would you give him? In narrative form, write a letter to Jimmy explaining to him how to accomplish his goal. Be clear in your description so that he understands what is to come. In addition to the first three steps in chapter 5, list the major steps of a bill becoming a law and offer advice for overcoming these hurdles. (Hint: the current law can be found in Florida Statutes 316.305.

2) (15 points) Your friend Jimmy’s texting and driving bill was filed last month and seems to be stuck in its second committee in the House. The bill was assigned three committees in both the House and Senate. The House has favorably voted on the bill in one of the three committees, and the Senate favorably voted the identical bill through two of the three committees. Jimmy expect that the Senate will move the bill through its final committee without any further issue. Jimmy thinks the chairman of the second committee in the House is opposed to making texting while driving a secondary offence and is holding up the bill. Jimmy does not know what to do, and calls you for advice. What strategy or next step would you encourage Jimmy to take so that his bill can successfully make it through the House and Senate by the end of session?

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