annotated bibliography i need someone who understands annotation quality should be ensured no plagiarism no grammar typos

Annotated Bibliography. I need someone who understands annotation, Quality should be ensured, no plagiarism no grammar typos (Be keen on the instructions. I also need a turntin report of the final document (If you cannot provide a turntin report please do not bid. Excellent English please


My professor said we need to be specific to discuss one aspect of the ethical issue in nursing practice, she asked me to write about decision making issue in dementia patient.Because dementia patient may not capable of making decision due to disease process, so this consider as an ethical issue. Please focus on this point throughout the paper. I have found you 5 articles to work on, you only need to pick 4 articles from them, but make sure at least two of the publications need to be research studies from peer-reviewed journals.

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