writing homework 33

Part I: Proposal

Your 1-2-page research proposal should address the following questions in essay format: (1) What problem or question do you intend to address (i.e., what is your research question)? Phrase this as a question in the proposal. (2) How is this question connected to a documentary you viewed for the class? (3) Why is this an interesting question? Why does it matter? (4) Who is talking about it? What academic disciplines explore this question and what methods do they use? (5) What is your current thesis, even though it will continue to evolve?

1.documentary viewed for the class:

game changers (Netflix)

topic is : Vegan Diets

what is your research question: Why should athletes be vegan? and is it better than other types diets ?

2.documentary viewed for the class: All or nothing: Manchester City.

topic is sport management

what is your research question: How good management can lead to success?

Who is talking about it: Manchester city

3. documentary Age Of The Farmer

Topic: Food To Meet You

what is your research question: how does it look like to be a farmers?

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