what were the home educational political or religious contexts in which this leader lived or lives how did these contexts influence the leader and his or her goals actions or contributions

The research paper has to be in APA format. (this paper does not need an abstract)

– Times New Roman, 12.

– In the research paper you must choose at least two contexts and connect it with her goals, actions or contributions today. ( that has to do with the second question) I picked cultural and politics but you can pick another one in place of politics.

How did these contexts influence the leader and his or her goals, actions, or contributions?

– Has to have a cover page and a references page.

– Has to have a Running Head.

– My research paper is about Michelle Obama.

– I will link a document below with all of research so far what i found about her to answer the question to make it easier. I will also link the rubric below that has to be followed. I took a picture of half of the rubric but you want the full one, i will get it to you as soon as possible. If you write, you must include the sources in the paper as in cite where you get your evidence from.

– You can chose any of the contexts to replace politics if you like but only if it makes sense and you have to connect it with her goals, actions, or contributions today.

– Has to have an introduction and the claim must be in the Introduction.

– The claim has to be relevant to all the topics talked about in this research paper.

– If you need any more sources, you can look them up on the internet.

Thank you in advance.

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